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Light the Darkness

"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others."

Bill Gates

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Adapted Co Mentors Guide The Futures Of The Most Impactful Entrepreneurs On World Changing Journeys

Our Mentors are CEOs, Life Coaches, Professors, Attorneys, CFOs, Buyers, Scientists, PR Experts, Photographers and beyond. Mentors are evaluated not just on their personal and career accomplishments, but also their level of care and passion for entrepreneurs.

We are proud to have a community of successful mission aligned individuals that know the value of  recognizing talent and ability in others, and the skills to provide invaluable guidance.


Volunteer 2 hours a month

  • Open Office Hours

  • Speaker/ Panel Discussion

Optional Additional Participation

  • Involvement in Mentor Groups, Forums and Feeds

  • Increase your Social Capital by building connections

  • Attend Founder and Topic Group Virtual Meetings

  • Attend member Retreats

Apply Now to become an
Adapted Co Mentor

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