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Providing game changing consumer feedback

Upcoming Events

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Golden Gate Bridge

We know that gathering consumer feedback and conducting accurate data analysis can be a challenge for new companies. That’s why we offer consumer tastings to gather priceless data about your new products. With this information, you can make informed decisions about product development and marketing strategy.

Showcasing your products during our tasting events is also a great opportunity to get into the hands of your customers, and create phenomenal content for social media and other marketing channels. 

Join our upcoming Tasting events as a Product Tasting Company, a Vendor, or a Sponsor!

Rye Bread Sandwich

Upcoming Event
Adapted Co.’s San Francisco Brewfest N’ Vegan Eats Invitational 

Showcase your product as a vendor, or as a sponsor to compete, and walk away winning one of the sought after people’s choice trophies! 

Participate as a product tasting company and receive digital feedback from each consumer tasting your product! Capture consumer demographic information, and answers to questions that you personalize to your products, and much more!

Be part of Northern California’s most in demand Vegan food and drink Invitational. 

All vendors are hand picked, so make sure to apply right away to secure your spot before we run out of space!

Over 800 attendees come from all over Northern California, and from Southern California to taste new alt protein products and meals, connect, build social capital, and enjoy games, unlimited drink pours, food bites from premier plant based food companies, and have a great time!

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